Oct 27, 2008

Song List DT Live In Jakarta

Informasi dari beachgurl,

Koreksi dikit : Ketemuan Nat diLC Sin 2005. DT sempet ngomong Terima kasih
selain Aku Cinta Padamu, hehehe.
Songlist :
1. Runaway
2. Wang Bu Liao
3. Close to you/Tian Tian
4. Lets fall in love
5. Ghost (with David Tan)
6. Susan says (with Kewei ??)
7. Who do you love/Ai wo hai shi ta
8. Moon over whose heart (great improvisation & sound acrobates)
9. Black Tangerine
10.Regular friends (with Jamie, some bahasa in Malay translation :-)
11. Marry me today (we got histerical upon hearing the opening tone, heheheh)
12.Dear God
13.Love Can
15.I Love You (sing together, band intro and thank yous..)

Hehe hebat juga ya nonton konser sambil nyatet urutan lagu. Kalo aku sih, jadi nggak konsen deh nontonnya.


Anonymous said...

hi I'm mika, nice to meet you at Jakarta! Enjoyed very much to see David in a small hall.
Regarding the rundown, David sang "Airport 10:30" after "Moon over whose heart", and after "Marry me today", he sang "Season of loneliness" not "Dear God". Total number of songs is 16.
BTW, I love your DT's face signboard. :)

DT Indo said...

hi Mika, glad to hear you.. I think we all did enjoy the show. We didn't need to be the loudest screamer, the important thing is that you feel that every single minute is precious, especially to see the entertaining side of DT. He really rocked the house! Thank you...